Stand 675

For more than 25 years Ultra Fog has been developing their high-pressure sprinkler system for fighting fires with water mist. Water mist sprinkler systems are more effective than conventional sprinklers and could rapidly extinguish all kinds of fires. This environmentally friendly solution is safe for people and readily available.
Ultra Fog furnish high quality fire protection adjustable for all types of buildings: public, residential, industrial as well as for other areas like transformers plants, laboratories, computer rooms or aircraft hangars where demands for fire protection are very high.
Our system is excellent even for historical buildings due to the minimal amount of water used for fire suppression.
We also provide fire protection for a wide range of marine applications and offer flexible solutions engineered specifically for offshore environments and rolling stock.


  • -High cooling effect
  • Low water consumption
  • Reduced piping dimension
  • Low system weight
  • Flexible design
  • Type approved for multiple application
  • Global distribution and aftersales
  • Protect up to 48m2 with a single nozzle

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