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Fireboy-Xintex, a Darley Company, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan has been a leading supplier of safety products for industrial and marine applications since 1973. We manufacture a broad line of Fire Detection, Fire Suppression and Gas Detection products.

Our new MAE Fire Detection and Pre-engineered Fire Suppression system is an extremely cost-effective solution for your customers to protect spaces up to 1,800 cu. ft. with 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid. It is supplied as a complete kit for a specific space, can be installed by one technician and offers the lowest installed cost of similar types of systems.

These systems are ideal for server rooms, chemical storage rooms or any other space that needs fire protection without damage to the contents of the space.

We also manufacture a complete line of pre-engineered clean agent fire suppression systems (HFC-227ea or 3M Novec 1230) protecting up to 4,000 cu. ft.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms protect people in a variety of applications like boats, ambulances, police cars, etc. Gas Detection products for Gasoline, Propane, CNG and LNG are also available.

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