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Coltraco Ultrasonics is a British Ultrasonics Technology Manufacturer. Coltraco Ultrasonics strive towards creating innovative, reliable and effective equipment to provide a level of safety that goes beyond minimal compliance regulations. Coltraco Ultrasonics are proud exporters, exporting 89% to 109 countries: 40%to Asia, 10% to the Middle East, 15% to Europe, 17% to North America and the balance to South America and Africa.

Coltraco’s expertise is focused upon 3 technology strands and their support: Liquid level indication: Specifically inspecting fire extinguishing systems, primarily pressurised liquefied gaseous ones as well as sprinklers, by our flagship UL and ABS approved Portalevel® MAX range of products and our unique fixed monitoring system, Permalevel® and a whole range of other industrial liquids in cylinders and tanks.

Seal integrity: compartmentation testing in buildings and civil engineering structures to supplement Door Fan Testing with Portascanner® 520.

Condition monitoring: Through bearing monitoring, thickness gauging and flow monitoring.

After Sales: Support for the lifetime of customer equipment, recommended annual calibration at our authorised Organisational Delegated Authorities (ODA) service centres and optional Portacare® total care programme.

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